Colt Masterson

Gunslinger trained and wanted by the Outriders

NAME: Colt Masterson
CAMPAIGN: Ironbound
RULESET: Deadlands:Reloaded/Savage Worlds
RANK: Novice
XP: 0

WOUNDS! -1 -2 -3 INC!
FATIGUE! -2 -1

Agility:  d10
Smarts:   d6
Spirit:   d6
Strength: d4
Vigor:    d6

Pace: 6" 
Grit(Rank): 1(Novice)
Charisma: -1

Wanted (Minor) - Wanted by the Outriders.
Code of Honor (Major) - Protect the innocent, bring justice to criminals, be loyal to companions
Habit (Minor) - Growls

Alertness - +2 Notice
Quick - Redraw when dealt a 5 or lower in combat

Boating(Ag) -
Climbing(St) d4
Driving(Ag) -
Fighting(Ag) d4
Gambling(Sm) d4
Guts(Sp) d6
Healing(Sm) -
Intimidation(Sp) d4
Investigation(Sm) -
Knowledge(Sm) -
Lockpicking(Ag) -
Notice(Sm) d6
Persuasion(Sp) -
Piloting(Ag) -
Repair(Sm) -
Shooting(Ag) d10
Stealth(Ag) d4 
Streetwise(Sm) -
Survival(Sm) d4
Swimming(Ag) -
Taunt(Sm) - 
Throwing(Ag) -
Tracking(Sm) d4

DOLLAS: $250 - gear & weapons

Clothing +




Colt Masterson, the son of John and Sue Masterson, grew up in Ironbound until he was ten years old. John was a blacksmith’s apprentice and grew tired of waiting for his turn to be in charge, so he took a job as the head blacksmith in a town south of Ironbound, beyond the last stop of the railroad. On the way to the town, the Masterson family was attacked by an outlaw band known as the Reavers. They shot both John and Colt, but Sue was not so lucky. The four Reavers were having their way with Sue when an Outrider named “Curly Bill” Conners arrived on the scene. All the Reavers were gunned down in a matter of seconds. John and Sue could not be saved, but it appeared to Bill that Colt might make it. Colt’s wounds were bound and he was taken to the closest haven available, Curly Bill’s home.

Curly Bill was able to save Colt and learned that he had no remaining family and no home now that his parents were gone. As the months of Colt’s recovery passed, Curly Bill became fond of Colt and decided to let him stay. This was frowned upon by his Outrider brethren who believed that women and children were just a weakness that could be exploited by an enemy. As Colt grew up, Curly Bill taught him the Outriders’ creed called the Way of the Gun. The Outriders had forbidden the teaching of their code of conduct and survival and fighting techniques to anyone who had not first been initiated into the group. However, Bill could not help but to teach the curious youth who watched his every move. Colt was like a sponge who absorbed everything he saw and was taught and was finally allowed to accompany Curly Bill on his patrols after Colt’s seventeenth birthday. That was what got them in trouble…

An Outrider passing through Curly Bill’s territory saw Bill and Colt dispatching some brigands and recognized the techniques that Colt used. A forum of the Outriders was called soon after to judge Curly Bill’s violation and Colt’s suitability to be an Outrider. Curly Bill was confident, but prepared a means of escape in case things went wrong. At the tribunal, it quickly became obvious that the ruling council had no use for Colt. They found that Curly Bill had violated the “Brothers above All Others” tenant of their code and ordered Curly Bill to gun down Colt. Bill used the code word that he had established with Colt during his speech to the council. Then, when it was time to shoot Colt, Bill instead used his guns to injure and kill his Outrider brothers. This created enough of a diversion for Colt to make it to Bill’s stallion, Night, and ride off towards Ironbound. By the time Curly Bill Conners had been gunned down by the Outriders, Colt was too far away and moving too quickly to be caught. Once Colt reached the perimeter of the Ironbound territory patrolled by the Guardians, he knew he was safe. The Outriders hated Ironbound and all it’s faulty technology.

If Colt can avoid any Outrider sympathizers within Ironbound, he should be safe…

Colt Masterson

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