Nathaniel Blackwood

Preacher and Missionary to the Weird West


NAME: Decker
CAMPAIGN: Ironbound
RULESET: Deadlands Reloaded/Savage Worlds
RANK: Novice
XP: 0

WOUNDS! -1 -2 -3 INC!
FATIGUE! -2 -1

Agility: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d6
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6

Pace: 6"
Parry(2+Fighting/2): 4
Toughness(2+Vigor/2): 5
Grit(Rank): 1(Novice)
Charisma: 0

Pacifist (Minor)
Code of Honor
Lyin’ Eyes

Arcane Background (Miracles)
Breech Birth

Fighting(Ag) d4
Guts(Sp) d4
Healing(Sm) d4
Intimidation(Sp) d4
Knowledge (Religion) (Sm) d4
Notice(Sm) d4
Persuasion(Sp) d4
Riding(Ag) d4
Shooting(Ag) d6
Swimming(Ag) d4
Taunt(Sm) d4
Faith (Sp) d6

Shotgun Thong
2 Speed-load cylinders
Gun Belt
Quick-draw holster
Stetson Hat
Bed roll
Shotgun shells

Colt Revolving Shotgun
Cold Peacemaker Double-Action
Bowie Knife


Nathaniel Blackwood was born and raised in South Mills, NC. His parents, Elijah and Annie, owned and operated the general store with the help of their four children. Being by far the youngest of the four, Nathaniel had a lot more free time on his hands than did his sister or brothers. He spent some of that time hunting, fishing, and exploring the surrounding area. However, the majority of his time was spent with his grandfather, Reverend Jebediah Blackwood.

Jebediah was the pastor of South Mills Baptist Church and a prodigious storyteller. Nathaniel would spend hours listening to his granddaddy’s stories, either drawn from Jeb’s younger days or from the Holy Bible. Nate idolized his grandfather and decided early in life that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Nate envisioned the day when Jeb would turn the church over to him and leave the congregation in his care. Nathaniel started trying to council the members of the church and keep them on the “straight-and-narrow”, but nobody wanted to listen to the council of a ten year old.

When Nathaniel reached the proper age, he enrolled in Fuller Bible College and began his studies to become a pastor and fulfill his dream of becoming an assistant to his granddaddy before finally taking charge of his hometown church. Nathaniel was an above average student and took his studies very seriously. When it was time for graduation, Nathaniel’s advisor, Reverend Cauldwell, suggested that Nathaniel go on an extended mission trip. Nathaniel’s grandfather agreed, encouraging Nethaniel to have some adventures of his own before settling down. Reverend Cauldwell had received a request from the Guardians, a religious group that needed help bringing the Gospel to the West. Although nobody knew much about the Guardians, it seemed to be a great adventure and an opportunity to do the Lord’s work, so Nathaniel accepted.

Elijah and Annie were hesitant to let their baby boy go, but Nate’s resolve and the blessing of Jebediah convinced them to support the endeavor. Elijah provided his son with the two finest weapons in the store, a Colt revolving shotgun and a Colt peacemaker, and warned his son that the people out west may not be as peaceful as the people back home. Nate gathered his supplies and started the journey to Ironbound.

Nathaniel Blackwood

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