Ol'GreyBush was raised to be a prospector and a woodsmen


NAME: Ol’GreyBush AKA: Sam Hall
CAMPAIGN: Ironbound
RULESET: Deadlands:Reloaded/Savage Worlds
RANK: Novice
XP: 0

WOUNDS! -1 -2 -3 INC!
FATIGUE! -2 -1

Agility: d4
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d8
Strength: d4
Vigor: d4

Pace: 6" (-1 for age) so 5"
Parry(2+Fighting/2): 4
Toughness(2+Vigor/2): 5
Grit(Rank): 1(Novice)
Charisma: +0

Elderly (Major): -1 pace, Vig/Str can’t go higher than 4, +5 skills for being wise
Habit (Minor): Grumbles when he disagrees or disapproves
Enemy (Minor): Past event with jealous neighbors/business partners

Jack-of-all-trades – anytime I make an unskilled roll for smarts based skill I roll at d4

Woodsman – +2 to tracking, survival, and stealth rolls made in the wilderness (not towns, ruins, or underground)

Beast Master – “Animal Magnetism” attracts a loyal animal: dog, wolf, …GM approved whatever
if it is killed another comes in 2d6 days

Guts 4
Notice 10
Throwing 4
Streetwise 6
Survival 10
Tracking 10
Fighting 4
Shooting 4
Riding 4
Stealth 4

DOLLAS: $250 – gear&weapons

Clothing +


Bowie Knife(Str+d4+1, AP 1) $4


Raised by his father a famous Appalachian Prospector Ol’Greybush once known as Sam Hall started on his life long passion for finding ore. Even though Sams dad made tons of money he never seemed to have any because of his gambling, whoring, and booze addictions. Because of this Sam taught himself to hunt, track, and survive off the land. Sam also seemed to have the same knack for finding the good veins of ore as his father once did.
Greybush never cared about the money part of prospecting he was in it for the find and this carried over in many aspects of his life. He spent long hours studying/reading many different subjects over the years just to learn something new.

Before when Ol’Greybush was known as Sam Hall he had a lovely wife named Lucy and a baby boy named Nugget. Both were killed in a blood feud started by the Jesse family over the gold mine Sam had found on the edge of The Jesse family and his land. Sam lost everything that day and so started his life as a lone prospector traveling the weird west searching for different ores. Before he left on his travels he was able to get some revenge for the death of his family and killed most of the Jesse Family adults sparing the children because he just didn’t have the heart to do them in. The surviving Jesse family members once grown have pursued him ever since….

Sam had already left for many years before the eldest Jesse son was able to start his pursuit and his trail was cold and hard to follow.

Sam disappeared into the wilderness heading west reappearing sporadically in different towns out west always with an animal by his side and loaded down with rare ore which he never parted with much of. Locals started calling him Ol’Greybush and he never made mention of his real name Sam Hall.

The Jesse family kids now grown up wanted revenge for their parents murder not understanding that it was started by them. So they continued to look for Sam Hall throughout the years. It had become an obsession for the eldest boy but the only trail that the surviving Jesse family members had to find Sam Hall was the tale of a shadowy man crying over the graves of Lucy and Nugget in the dark of night.


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